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Electric Cart

Super Polcar SPX-4300N



Acceleration Guard

Prevents accidental operation and accident, increasing safety.

Front and Side Reflective Labeling

Reflective labels are placed at the front of the vehicle and on both sides along the foot rests, increasing cart visibility.

Rear Reflective Labeling, Rear Reflectors

Placed to increase cart visibility, making the cart readily noticeable even from distant cars.

●No-Puncture Tires
Tires resistant to a wide variety of problems.
●Automatic Hazard Light Function  ●Cornering Deceleration Function
●Emergency Stop Grip Function


Tight Turning Radius

Achieves a tight turning radius of 1,250 mm thanks to a compact body just 590 mm in width and 1,110 mm in length.

4-Wheel Suspension

32 cm diameter tires. In addition to improving mobility and travel performance, air tires are also available, creating a luxurious feel while driving.

Retractable Charging Cord

Located conveniently below the seat.

●Rotating, Adjustable Sliding Seat
Seat rotates 90° to the left and right and can be moved 30 mm forward and back.
●Turning Indicator Automatic Cancelation Function

Specification Sheet

Model SPX-4300N
Product Category Handle Type Electric Scooter (Type I)
National Public Safety Commission approval no. Ko K 10-15
Dimensions Length 1,110mm
Width 590 mm (excluding mirrors), 635 mm (including mirrors)
Height 1,025mm
Weight (including battery) 66 kg (with air tires)
69 kg (with no-puncture tires)
Motor (30 min. rated output) DC 24 V, 600 W × 1
Battery Model/number used HC24-12 × 2
Voltage 12V
5 hour rated capacity 20 AH
Seat dimensions Seat width 400 mm/seat depth 350 mm/ seat back height 396 mm
Charger Equipped with internal microcomputer controlled fast charger for use with residential AC 100 V (charges new battery to 100% in six hours)
Front wheels 3.00-4-4PR × 2
Rear wheels 3.00-4-4PR × 2
Drive system Rear 2-wheel drive (with differential)
Braking system Motor dynamic braking/electromagnetic brake
Steering system Front-wheel steering via handlebars
Control system Microcomputer step-less speed control via accelerator lever
Maximum speed Forward 6.0 kph
Reverse 2.0 kph
Practical climbing angle 10°
Consecutive running distance (maximum speed/level road) 25km
Minimum turning radius 1,250mm
Maximum climable height difference 80 mm or less (driving straight)
Maximum crossable gap 150 mm or less
Maximum user weight (including loads) 100kg
MSRP (tax not included) ¥293,000
※1 The Polcar model series is approved by the National Public Safety Commission.
※2 Consecutive running distance is the distance travelled under the conditions below with the battery charged to 100%.
22° C external temperature/new battery/level road/charged to 100% with internal charger/100 kg passenger (including loads)
The Polcar model series has acquired the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS T 9208:2009 certification for handlebar-type electric scooters.