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The FUKUSHIN Advantage

Ability to Propose Solutions

We have demonstrated our ability to make proposals
and technological capabilities to meet the needs of our userse

In order to respond to our customers who say “if only it could be more like this,” we analyze the current product and manufacturing processes, identify challenges and then solve these challenges. These value analysis / value engineering activities of ours have paid off with results in factories and products of many customers. Not only do we improve quality, we optimize production and reduce costs, or carry things out up to the development of new products. New value has been created from the FUKUSHIN ability to make proposals and our technological capabilities.

Mold designs that achieve high cost performance

It is possible to aim for significant cost reductions in the long-term, even for precision molds that incur heavy manufacturing costs, if results are gained in line with high cost performance. We replace traditional die-cast products that have been machine processed with press sheet metal products through high-precision and high-performance mold designs and condense this into a production process over multiple stages and a single pressing. We achieve optimization of production and cost reductions.

Continuing to take shape by quickly responding to the needs of our customers

In order to quickly respond to the quality, cost and delivery time needs of our customers, our Sales Department, which provides customer support, takes the lead as the supervising department and we continue to give shape by collecting together the wisdom of the relevant parties from the initial stage of mass production preparation.

Press working lines that aim to be completely unmanned

We are aiming for even more advanced unmanned technologies by perceiving press working from the automatic introduction of coil materials, as well as the inspection and cleaning processes, as one production unit. Furthermore, we have realized processing which mixes the high-burden processes, in which production traditionally occurred in multiple press machines, and low-burden processes into processing by a single press machine through a servo press machine which is capable of high-precision parallel control.

A special machine assembly line that aims to improve productivity and save labor

Our Special Machine Manufacture Department carries out all stages of the process – from design to manufacture – in the special machine assembly line in our firm. We are continuing to construct lines with a high degree of productivity by incorporating from the design stage “partial automation” in which the assembly work carried out by hand is replaced with machines.